Datalyze is a multidisciplinary team of researchers and consultants. We are sociologists, data scientists, mathematicians, psychologists and marketing professionals.

As a university spinoff company we have access to the latest academic researches and results. We blend computer science and human knowledge to get the best results out of our data.

Unique insights with the combination of AI and human understanding

At Datalyze, which is the official spinoff of ELTE, interdisciplinarity becomes a creative reality. In our team, mathematicians, data scientists and self-developed algorithms work together with sociologists, social psychologists and marketing experts.

Fine tune big data to individual needs

Data collected with self-developed tools are organized into unique interpretative categories and are refined with further methods and models to become more valuable business inputs.

Special database and unique data acquisition possibilities

Beside the analyses based on web and social media activity that are organized into a unique database, additional methods based on surveys and social listening can be applied to enrich insights.


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